Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si | Party Mix | Aqeel Ali & Meiyang Chang | Official Music Video

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 7 जून, 2021
DJ Aqeel and Meiyang Chang come together for this high-energy club version of the iconic song Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si from the movie Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi(1958).

All set out to be the biggest party rocker, this youthful energetic song will become your favorite on the party playlist this season.

Song Credits:
Remixed By: Aqeel Ali
Singer: Meiyang Chang
Director: Yogesh Dixit
Produced By: Aqeel Ali
Music Recreated By: Aqeel Ali / Sumit Sharma / Sandesh Solomon
Visual Graphics By: Vj Tarang Studios
Recording: Nevil @ Plug Inn Studios

Original Song Credits:
Singer: Kishore Kumar
Music Director: Sachin Dev Burman
Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri
Director: Satyen Bose

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  • If Kishore da take another birth he will kill you people 🙄🙄. Real version is best 😉😉

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  • Dj suketu thousand times better from dj aqeel... 🐒💩

  • Disgusting!!! If you want to do a nude show, leave Kishore Kumar and Burman Sahib alone.

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  • Ladkiyon ko kapde nahi hain dilwa do , songs voice is good 😂😂.

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  • Good❤️❤️

  • Bach gaya Kishore da aur SD Burman, nehi tho shram ke maree mu nehi dekhate.....stop this nonsense T Series channel.

  • Pura gaana kharab ker diya yaar feeling bad for kishore ji 😭😭


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  • Respect 🙇‍♀️ See the original bheegi bhagi ladki Legend ❤ Singer Kishore Da 🙏🙏 Don't ruin , Simplicity with innocence has dignity n grace forever

  • Shame on #SaReGaMa How can you people even endorse this bullshit.

  • 👎🏿 bohot Koshish ki gye acha bnane ki but beta tumse na ho payega

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  • Gud..bt could b more descent..some extra music during rap r unusual..

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  • Extremely amazing video ever

  • "अगर आप खुद ही खुद पर भरोशा नहीं करोगे तो कोई और क्यों और करेगा I"

  • It was a great song. They brutally murdered it😷

  • Nice song👍👍 I also love that car😂🚘🚘🏎️

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  • Original song ki to vat laga de yaar....tum se aacha to sanam kar deta remake of song

  • No one Can Become As Kishore Da .. and no one can Sung as Kishore Da .. His original Songs Always As Gold.. Love you Sir 😭 Miss You 😭 .. My all Time Favourite Singer.. This New version Song is totally Waste and Worst ..👎👎 You all can't become as Kishore Kumar and S.D. Burman..

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  • People who are watching this comment I wish their parents still alive more than 100 yrs 😇😇God bless you and your parents 😇😇😍😍💓💓💕💕💗💖💗💖

  • Kyun achhe khase gaane ki waat lga rhe ho, apne kya original se achha bna diya?

  • Really shameless

  • Song is good after mute.

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  • यूँ ही नहीं मिलती राही को मंजिल, एक जूनून सा दिल में जगाना होता है, पूँछा चिड़िया से कैसे बनाया आशियाना बोली - भरनी पड़ती है उड़ान बार बार, तिनका तिनका उठाना होता है❤️🔥

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  • Kishor kumar and S. D. Burman: kuchh to sharm kar lo (one of the worst mixed and recomposed song)

    • Sahi hai bro ye sala aisi hi rahega

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    • @Akash Gohel Not A Problem -

    • What if we don't want this song

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